Five Faves 3-20-20

Like everyone else (save for some spring breakers, *eye roll*), my husband and I are practicing social distancing. Much of my day is spent taking care of our new babe, working on research, and playing Wii Tennis, but I also wanted to use this time to kickstart my blog. It can help keep those who care up to date with how the Quinns are handling their self-isolation. If nothing else, it can proxy for external interaction. It’s been almost a year since I posted a Five Faves, so here we go with Five Faves 3-20-20!

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This has been the most important purchase of self-isolation! PQ bought himself a nice office chair from Madison Seating. Sometimes I try to use it when he is sleeping, but truly it was a purchase for himself and he LOVES it. Kerri has been known to sneak onto it from time to time, but she’s one spit up away from losing her privileges…

Five Faves 3-20-20. Kerri Quinn in Herman Miller Aeron chair
Kerri sneaking onto Dad’s chair

Home Gym

I had just started to attend a yoga class 2-3 times a week, so it’s been disappointing to quit that. However, I am grateful that I built a home gym in 2017! I wrote extensively about it as I built it (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Finished Product). In 2018, PQ added a Concept 2D ergometer and we moved the stationary bike upstairs, but otherwise it’s about the same.

Five Faves 3-20-20 Home Gym Bench Press
Home Gym Bench Press

Homemade Hot Chocolate

One of our favorite traditions is to get Chocolati whenever PQ gets an R&R (Revise and Resubmit) on one of his manuscript submissions. In keeping with social distancing, we decided to make our own hot chocolate to celebrate! I had NO idea you could heat things up/boil water in a Vitamix! It heats the ingredients via friction, and created such a frothy, delicious hot chocolate!

Drop Dead Healthy

I enjoyed Jacobs’ past books about reading through the entire encyclopedia or living by the Old Testament for a year so I figured I would enjoy this one as well. There are no huge health takeaways, but it was a quick, enjoyable read.

Five Faves 3-20-20. Drop Dead Healthy, by A.J. Jacobs
Drop Dead Healthy


As I wrote about earlier, “walk” is my one-word theme for 2020. Luckily, outdoor walks are encouraged, as long as you stay 6 feet away from others. I’ve been tracking my walks on Strava and I welcome any followers! Look for me as Katie Quinn.

Kerri Quinn in a Hawkeyes hat. Five Faves 3-20-20
Go Hawkeyes!

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