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Katie Quinn Albers Photo by: Yosef Kalinko

Dr. Quinn is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. Her research focuses primarily on how consumers perceive brand attributes and interact with brands in various contexts. Her work has been published in a number of leading scientific journals, including Journal of the Academy of Marketing SciencesSocial Psychology and Personality Science, and Journal of Advertising.

Dr. Quinn (Spangenberg) obtained her Ph.D. in Marketing from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington with a minor in Consumer Psychology. Prior to entering academia, Katie worked as a Financial Analyst for Epic Systems and during her graduate studies, she worked as a brand consultant for DNA Seattle. In her free time, Katie watches college football, plays with her daughter and son, and reviews sports books on Instagram (@thesportslibrarian).

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The Fun Stuff!

I am a mom of two and happily married to PQ. I enjoy writing about my daily life, sharing my goals and hobbies, and recommending products and books I love. 

Three things I do daily: Kiss my husband, drink a cup of coffee, and text my mom.

I am the oldest of four children and grew up in the Cougar country of Pullman, Washington. You may recognize Pullman as the home of the National Lentil Festival (or more likely as the home of Washington State University).

I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2011 where I played Division I soccer for five years. Post-college employment took me to Madison, WI for 2.5 years. The cheese was abundant and the beer was delicious! I miss the Midwest but married a proud Iowan.

Traveling is my favorite past time. You’ll often find me planning a trip to another national park or embarking on an adventure through Europe. I love visiting my sister in Portland or going home to golf with my parents. My favorite place in the world is Switzerland!

My hobby is reading and reviewing sports books. If that’s your jam, check out @thesportslibrarian, and if you want to collaborate, let me know!

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