Five Faves 3-27-20

Seattle officially has a mandatory Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. It’s technically spring break, so we celebrated in self-quarantine with lots of bread making and Wii Tennis.

Tartine Bread

I’ve been making bread for a couple years now, and wanted to share my first attempt at making whole wheat bread. However, my brother recently brought it to my attention that half the country has taken up bread-making as a hobby during self-quarantine so this is not an “interesting” activity. Oh well. My whole wheat loaves were great – the only issue is that fresh loaves of homemade bread sitting on the counter for continuous consumption is bad for the waistline…

Naturally Tan

Naturally Tan
Naturally Tan

I recently watched Next In Fashion, which I highly recommend. It is so fun to see people at the top of their craft, even if I don’t know a lick about high fashion. The show also inspired me to learn more about Tan France. I enjoyed this fun, quick read (I read it in about a day).

Wii Sports (Tennis)

Wii Tennis - Five Faves 3-27-20
Wii Tennis

A couple weeks ago, PQ asked me to stop at a used video game store to buy a Wii and Wii Sports. We could definitely have bought a “better” gaming system, but we just wanted a way to stay a little more active and support a local business. We only play tennis, and we play on the same team. When quarantine is over, I’m hoping we can find a place to play real doubles tennis!


Survivor Winners at War

Yup, I’m still a Survivor person. The contestants of Season 40 are all past winners, there are new fire tokens, and Jeff Probst’s dimples are as strong as ever.


Mariners’ Fan Fest was again cancelled for multiple reasons this year (i.e., I think it was cancelled even before COVID-19). However, we decided to keep our tradition going anyway. We just traded the Boomstick for a baby!

Mariner's 2020 Tradition - Five Faves 3-27-20
Mariner’s Family Photo

Wish me luck as I head to the grocery store tomorrow! It’s been two weeks, and I hope to stock up for two more weeks. Stay safe everyone!

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