Five Faves 4/12/19

Five Faves 4-12-19 — Five things I’ve been enjoying or consuming this past week.

The madness of March has faded (Congrats Tony Bennett and UVA!) and we ease into April showers. I have the Masters playing on my second monitor, and Jim Nantz’ voice is so calming he could put a baby to sleep.

Past Tense, by Lee Child

Five Faves 4-12-19 - Past Tense, by Lee Child
Past Tense, by Lee Child

I love Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child and Past Tense is no exception. I read it in three evenings. This book was not as gory as some of his others have been (see, Killing Floor), but there was a fair amount of creepiness in it, especially at the beginning. I was reading this one night when PQ was gone and I had to set the book down for ten minutes while I ordered an alarm system for our house!

Marie, Dancing Still

PQ bought last minute tickets to the 5th Avenue Theater play, Marie, Dancing Still, on Wednesday. It told the story of the relationship between Edgar Degas and the young ballerina who posed for his famous sculpture, Little Dancer of Fourteen Years.

Snake Plant

One of my goals this year was to get a house plant. I bought a succulent in January, but what I really wanted was a snake plant! My sister (a Master Gardener) visited recently and we made a trip to the urban nursery. I love how it looks in the living room, and it’s very easy to take care of.

Five Faves 4-12-19 - Snake Plant
My snake plant

Cauliflower Tots

I actually don’t really like these. The reason they are one of my favorite things is because they have become a healthy, evening go-to that PQ loves and is willing to make for himself!

Five Faves 4-12-19 - Green Giant Cauliflower Tots
Green Giant Cauli Tots

The Mariners

Despite predictions, the Mariners are off to a hot 13-3 start. PQ is part of a ticket consortium so we buy tickets to 4-5 games a year. Unfortunately, the first game we attended this year saw the Astros hit two grand slams to hand the M’s their third loss of the season. But a night with hot dogs, fish and chips, and a Blue Moon is never a bad night!

Five faves 4-12-19 - Mariner Moose
I love Mariner Moose!

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