30 for 30 for 30

For my 30th birthday, I will be donating $30 to 30 different nonprofit organizations over 30 days.  I want to use this opportunity to better understand the important work nonprofits are doing locally, nationally, and globally.

I was inspired to do this by others I have seen ask for donations rather than gifts for milestone birthdays (e.g., charity: water donations).  However, I wanted to do my own take on that, which I’m calling 30 for 30 for 30.

Thirty dollars may not seem like a large donation, but I believe any amount counts.  When thinking about how small donations add up, I’m reminded of the latte factor (you know, $30 is a week’s worth of lattes).  However, I think lattes are important, and donations can go above and beyond usual indulgences.  I, in fact, share a birthday with the Pumpkin Spice Latte and will be getting one on October 7th, as I always do.

30for30for30: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Celebrating my 28th birthday with a PSL

I will also try to highlight specifically what $30 buys for each charity.  For example, $21 to the International Rescue Committee covers the cost of a Newborn Baby Kit for a mom in Zimbabwe.  This includes clothing, baby soap, diapers, and more, making childbirth both more comfortable and safer around the world.

30 for 30 for 30: newborn baby kit
$21 buys a Newborn Baby Kit

I’ll be donating and sharing the chosen charities throughout October for those who are interested in following along.  I have a few nonprofits in mind that I would like to donate to, but I would love to hear from you as well!

What charities should I be learning more about?  Why are they important to you?  How can they use donations from me and others?  Do you work for a nonprofit that you want to share about?




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