Community Oriented Nonprofits – 30 for 30 for 30

Week three of 30 for 30 for 30 is focused on nonprofits that help communities.  I donated to local organizations such as the Seattle Public Library, as well as organizations supporting communities broadly, such as 

Meals on Wheels

For more than 40 years, Meals on Wheels has increased the quality of life for millions of seniors. Meals on Wheels volunteers bring seniors a hot, nutritious meal, extend time to chat, and perform a brief safety check. Importantly, seniors living in isolation depend on this security and human interaction to maintain independence. Also! Holiday season is upon us, and Meals on Wheels delivers a special Turkey Day meal to families in need on Thanksgiving.

$30: Thirty dollars funds five hot meals.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Meals on Wheels

Seattle Public Library

Public libraries are one of the most important institutions in a healthy community. They offer free educational resources to everyone. Libraries are front-line institutions to address the needs of the homeless: they can be daily shelters or learning centers, and offer the materials needed to create resumes, apply for jobs, find housing, or seek legal aid. Libraries also bring people together; preserve truth and history; and provide opportunities and resources for people to learn English.

Seattle Public Library serves the Seattle community at 27 locations. In 2017, they held over 10,000 public events and offered over 2.6 million items to borrowers.

$30: eBook licenses for books that are less than a year old are $60.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Seattle Public Library

Election day is November 6th. Exercise your right to vote as an American citizen and vote for the candidates of your choice! View a complete voter guide for your state at

$30: Increases voter turn out by at least 10 people.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Vote Save America

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project defends and advances the rights of immigrants. They formed after the passage of the Immigration Control Reform Act in 1986 to help immigrants and refugees receive and understand the benefits of this new law. Today, NWIRP offers direct legal services to immigrants in Washington state, providing economic and personal security. Without these services, many immigrants would not be able to find housing, obtain legal status, or feel comfortable calling the police for protection from domestic abuse.

$30: Much of the work NWIRP does is pro bono and on a volunteer basis. Thirty dollars helps the organization run smoothly behind the scenes.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Northwest Immigrants Rights Project

Millionair Club Charity

The Millionair Club Charity works with people experiencing homelessness and unemployment in the greater Puget Sound region. Ultimately, Millionair Club Charity helps people find jobs by preparing them for employment. They perform background checks, award certifications (e.g., food safety card), provide specialized equipment (e.g., dress pants and shoes, safety equipment), and even offer bus passes to get to job sites.

$30: Thirty dollars pays for 4-5 sack lunches. It’s hard to work on an empty stomach; therefore, workers receive a sack lunch each day they go out to work.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Millionair Club Charity

Delancey Street Foundation

Delancey Street Foundation developed a model of social entrepreneurship, education, and rehabilitation to help ex-convicts and ex-addicts. Their foundation functions like a large family, and helps people who have hit rock bottom change their lives against all odds. Their primary enterprises include moving and trucking, catering, landscaping, and Christmas decorating (think, the people who decorates banks and malls for the holidays!).

$30: Thirty dollars purchases materials for their vocational programs, including sewing, bookkeeping, and automotive repair.

Community Oriented Nonprofits - Delancey Street Foundation


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