Environmental Nonprofits – 30 for 30 for 30

I looked for environmental nonprofits for the fourth week of 30 for 30 for 30. There are many environmental nonprofits with similar names, so I spent time understanding the mission behind some. For example, The Center for Whale Research monitors Killer Whales in the PNW. However, the Institute for Cetacean (i.e., whales) Research supports Japanese whaling interests. I found this brief guide from Mother Jones to be helpful.

I did not pinpoint how these organizations could specifically benefit from $30. Environmental nonprofits are all experiencing funding cuts from the government, and increasingly rely on public support. Thus, they are using the money to further their stated mission.

The Ocean Cleanup

There are currently over 5 trillion pieces of plastic in five primary “garbage patches” in our oceans. The Ocean Cleanup is developing technology to rid the ocean of the world’s plastic. Specifically, they use advanced algorithms and the ocean currents to direct autonomous, energy neutral cleaning devices. They predict a 50% reduction of garbage in our oceans within 5 years, and a plastic-free ocean by 2050. This would be HUGE.

Washington Wild

My beautiful state, Washington, has over 3 million acres of wilderness. Washington Wild fights to protect these forests, rivers, and wildlife. Specifically, they protect the national parks and forests, oppose destructive mining practices, and work to restore the watershed. For example, they restore forest logging roads that are at risk of collapsing into rivers and blocking fish passage, smothering fish eggs, and degrading downstream drinking water.

Environmental Nonprofits - 30 for 30 for 30

Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund

I love Ellen Degeneres, so it was a no-brainer to donate to her wildlife fund. The first initiative of the EDWF is to build a permanent home for silverback gorillas in Rwanda. This home would secure the future of wild gorillas in Rwanda. Ultimately, the larger goal of the EDWF is to support global conservation of other critically endangered animals.

Environmental Nonprofits - 30 for 30 for 30

Center for Whale Research

The Southern Resident Killer Whales are currently endangered and face risk of extinction. The Center for Whale Research has been monitoring the population of orcas in the Pacific Northwest for over four decades. Their research informs decision-making, and seeks to ensure the future viability of this important species.

Environmental Nonprofits - 30 for 30 for 30

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest and largest environmental preservation organizations in the world. Their mission is four-fold: fight climate change, protect public lands, get people outside, and strengthen the relationship between people and the environment. As a lover of our National Parks, I support this foundation, which was founded by John Muir, as they protect the outdoors.

Environmental Nonprofits - 30 for 30 for 30

Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDC is one of the most powerful groups fighting to create a clean-energy future, protect endangered species and revive the world’s oceans (per Mother Earth News). They use law and science to protect wild places, pursue clean energy, and fight for a reduction in harmful chemicals used in food, among hundreds of other causes. The NRDC seeks to foster a safe and healthy environment for people and wildlife.

Environmental Nonprofits - 30 for 30 for 30


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