Five Faves 8/24/18

Five Faves 8-24-18 — Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week.  My sister’s birthday was on Wednesday so I present five Kerri-related things!

Daily One-Line Journal.

This is something I would definitely call a “Pinterest Success.”  Kerri and I each made a one-line journal in 2012 and I have been updating it daily for over 6 years!

Five Faves 8-24-18: Daily One-Line JournalFive Faves 8-24-18: Daily One-Line Journal


Bel Canto.

For no other reason than to have a shared summer experience, my mom, sister, and I pick a book each summer to read “together,” and Bel Canto was this year’s book!  I listened to it on audio (and will argue with anyone that it counts as reading the book!).  It’s an interesting novel that makes you think about very human things…such as love, captivity, and the future.  I conveniently suggested this book for my monthly Seattle book club and look forward to discussing it on Sunday with my literary friends!

Five Faves 8-24-18: Bel Canto


How to Sit Better.

Kerri has had recent back pain and said this change has rocked her world so she is sharing everyone she knows.  Most people sit with their tailbone tucked under them, creating a ‘C’ shape in the spine.  Rather, we need to be sticking our tailbone out (backwards) when we sit, elongating the spine.

Five Faves 8-24-18: How to Sit Better

The Popcast with Knox and Jamie.

I mentioned a specific episode of this podcast earlier (summer movie preview), but wanted to highlight it again for two reasons.  1) I still really enjoy it (a weekly fave), and 2) Kerri is the one who introduced me to this podcast.  I do support them on Patreon and think of Kerri every time I listen!

Five Faves 8-24-18: Popcast with Knox and Jamie


Klub is a Norwegian potato dumpling that was a special breakfast for my family growing up.  To make, you peel, cut and grind a lot of potatoes, mix the potato mush with flour, and boil tennis ball-sized dumplings.  Then, you freeze the dumplings for future consumption where you slice and fry them for a hearty breakfast (see photos).  Since it’s an involved process, Kerri and I try to get together once or twice a year and make a large batch!  It doesn’t sound fancy (and it’s not), but it is delicious.

Five Faves 8-24-18: Klub

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