Why I Loved June 2018

Wow June was busy!  But here’s why I loved June…

The University of Washington did not end spring quarter until June 10th, so we were busy with school responsibilities well past Memorial Day Weekend.  PQ gave his finals on June 2nd while I presented my work at a conference here in Seattle.

PQ’s birthday happened later that week, so I had to make sure he felt loved (with cake, a dinner date, and putt putt of course).  With the help of a friend, we rallied people to Flatstick Pub for a round of putt putt.

That week, I found out from my parents that Grandpa Rick is moving to California!  Gramps has mentioned he would love to get to know my husband better, so we spent Sunday the 10th in Longview flying quad copters and taking a few sentimental (but practical!) items for our house in Seattle.

Kyle’s birthday is also in June, which coincided with his leaving for the Air Force, so of course I had to plan a Golden Birthday/Going Away Party for him!  His local friends put together a fun Friday night at their old stomping grounds around Seattle.  Meanwhile, I invited three of his high school buddies to town to surprise him!  Kyle doesn’t show much emotion, but when his boys came out of the bathroom with celebratory Fireball shots, he looked rather shocked!

Loved June: The Bois

After Kyle’s friends left, I had to immediately clean up and get ready for our next round of guests: four high school friends (i.e., soccer girls) and their significant others descended on Seattle for the wedding of a fifth friend (honorary soccer girl, Jessica)!  We have three spare beds but only one bathroom, so PQ made sure everyone knew the “bathroom schedule” (ha!).  We watched the World Cup every morning, went wine tasting on Friday, planned and executed a lip sync for the bride (The Click Five and Backstreet Boys), and danced the night away celebrating Mattica!

Meanwhile, that same weekend, my parents and Kerri and Sam came into town to celebrate Kyle’s actual birthday and say goodbye.  We went to a great brunch place (Bryant Corner Cafe) on Sunday afternoon, and no trip to Seattle is complete without a lap around Green Lake*.  After saying goodbye to Kyle and having one last dinner with my parents, we came home to a clean, quiet house.  I feel like we just became empty nesters!

Loved June: Family

Our 6 month anniversary on Saturday is shaping up to be a calm one.  June has been busy but I wouldn’t change a thing!

*I honestly don’t think my parents have ever visited Seattle without taking a lap around Green Lake and I look forward to it every time.

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