Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  You have always been a source of inspiration, humor, support, tough love, and guidance.  Thanks for everything! 

For those that don’t know my dad, Dr. E, I’ll give a glimpse into what I love about my dad and what lessons he passed on.

  • When I was in fourth grade, my dad moved the family to Switzerland for 5 months, exposing my siblings and me to another culture and instilling us with a lifelong love of travel.
  • My mom was the “team sports” parent, but my dad taught me how to rock climb, how to cross country ski, and how to enjoy the outdoors.
    • He was also the man behind the booming voice making sure our soccer refs knew when they had made a bad call.
  • Hands down, dad always knows where the best hikes are.
    • Some of my favorite memories are backpacking in the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon with him and his buddies.
  • Mom was the cook growing up, but Dr. E has taken command of the kitchen over the last decade.
    • I always request his fish tacos and flank steak when I’m home.
  • A day is never complete without a workout.
    • His motto is “Stale body, stale mind.”
  • He has had (and continues to have) remarkable success in his career.
    • It’s a tall task following in his footsteps but he has been nothing but proud, supportive, and understanding.
  • He wants nothing but the best for his children and his new son-in-laws.
    • And his bulldog, Maggie.

Love you Pops!


One of the best parts of my wedding was waiting with my dad to walk down the aisle.

2013-09-09 13.55.35

Evidence of those hikes I was talking about!

2017-08-07 22.54.50

Dad and Maggie (bulldog) and Winston (cat).

2017-04-01 19.22.54.jpg

The man and his whole crew.

2018-06-10 14.00.17.jpg

Right about when he was starting to realize how much work 4 kids was/would be!

2018-06-10 13.22.46-1.jpg

Finally, I would be remiss without mentioning the dad behind the dad, Grandpa Rick (a.k.a., Gramps).

Happy Father’s Day!

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