Five Faves 6/15/18

Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week (6/15/18).

World Cup, 2018.

Like the Olympics, the World Cup is something special.  I watched almost every game during the 2014 World Cup — I had all but quit my job, had friends in the area to watch with, the games were on at a reasonable time, etc.  This time around I have a much less flexible schedule, the games are earlier, the US men aren’t playing…and it’s still an amazingly fun global event that I’m excited for!  [Post: Cool soccer fields around the globe]


Brainiac, by Ken Jennings.

Ken is an excellent writer, seamlessly weaving the history of trivia into his recollection of his historic Jeopardy! run in 2003.  Ken won 74 games and over $2.5 million. I enjoyed the glimpse into both Jennings’ thought process and the popular game show.  And he lives in Seattle now! [Book on Amazon] [Ken Jennings’ Website – he covers some of these FAQs in the book]

US Open, Shinnecock Hills.

Jordan Spieth’s my boy.  Let’s see if he can recover from a rough day one to give Dustin Johnson a run for his money (he’s currently only 13 (!) strokes behind…).  Disappointed in Tiger’s showing – I know I’m not the only one hoping for another Major win from him!

Jordan Spieth

Ocean’s 8.

I found Ocean’s 8 very entertaining.  I heard reviews that it was “good not great” and “a little slow.”  I agree with the first statement (it was everything I wanted in a new Ocean’s movie) and I disagree with the second statement (it held a steady pace throughout and didn’t drag on).  Strong female cast as well, of course! [IMdb]

Ocean's 8

How to Get your S.O. Hooked on Hiking.

Summer is here which means it’s time to get outside!  I’m not only a fairweather hiker, but you can’t beat the Pacific Northwest in the summer.  If your significant other isn’t as outdoorsy as you might like, ease them into it by taking these eight steps (e.g., bring extra snacks!).  Thanks to my pops for this article! [Outside Magazine article]

2016-08-20 09.54.03-1

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