World Cup!

As the world gets set to watch the 2018 World Cup unfold, check out these picturesque soccer fields across the globe.  The minimum required arena capacity for the World Cup is 35,000 seats (which required one stadium to…get creative).  A massive modern arena, however, is not required.

Soccer appeals to the masses in part because of its simplicity.  As the pictures below show, games can be played anywhere.  All that’s required is a ball, two goals, and some friends. 

Full Article – Soccer Fields Around the World

Some of my favorites.


Brazil. What intrigues me about this field is the “self-energy-supplied Pavegen panels” below the field that capture kinetic energy to power the lights at night.  Would love to learn more about that technology! [Yasuyoshi Chiba/Getty]


Somalia.  This photo was taken just 6 days ago. [Mohamed Abdiwahab/Getty]

Players attend a football tournament among local amateur teams at a stadium made of straw named Zenit Arena, in the settlement of Krasnoye in Stavropol region

Russia. Seems itchy. [Eduard Komiyenko/Reuters]

Amateur soccer players from Switzerland play against Italy during the Euro 2016 of the Mountain Villages soccer tournament on the Allalin glacier in Saas-Fee

Switzerland. This soccer field was constructed for a 2016 tournament on the Allalin glacier.  That same year, Tony Parker hosted a basketball tournament on the Swiss Aletsch glacier! [Ruben Sprich/Reuters]


Germany. What a dream it would be to play in front of the Brandenburg Gate! [Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters]


Myanmar. Play anywhere! [Ye Aung Thu/Getty]

Even though the United States men aren’t in the running this year, I’ll still be watching (almost) every game!  Cheers to the World Cup!

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