Five Faves 6/29/18

Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week (6/29/18).

Born a Crime, Trevor Noah.

This book was recommended to me by numerous people so I was excited when it became available at the library.  I thought it was going to be a memoir about how Trevor Noah arrived at the job he has now, but it focused on his childhood in South Africa (*notices subtitle*).  A great read about race and apartheid, “hustlin’ in the hood,” and how deep the love between a mother and child can be.

Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah


We had upwards of 15 people visiting our house this weekend (seven staying three days), so Costco was a must!  Stocked up on beer, wine, snap peas, and TP.  I also love buying new snacks to try when a lot of people are around so A) I won’t eat an entire Costco-sized serving and B) if I don’t like it, chances are someone else will.  These were a winner.

Discount Tire warranty.

Kyle drove over a nail last week in such a way that made the tire unreparable.  After forgetting my spare was on and driving 70 mph on I-5 to Costco, the fix tire light started flashing so I drove immediately to Discount Tire.  I had purchased a tire in 2014 from Discount Tire (replacing another nail puncture) and I was pleasantly surprised to find I had purchased their warranty meaning the latest replacement tire was only $22.  I have been a fan of Discount Tire for years and now I have another data point.


Although the tire was cheap, it took two hours to replace.  The Discount Tire is close to an AMC so I caught a Lyft and used my MoviePass to see Tag while I waited (that was a lot of brand shoutouts…).  It was an entertaining movie, made all the more enjoyable by realizing it was set in Spokane.  It is based on a true story and there was a Zag sighting at the end!



This has recently become our go to Game Night game because it is strategic and collaborative in nature.  We are excited to purchase the extension (On the Brink) which the cashier at Barnes and Noble told me was a must-have once we master the original (so we might still be a ways off!).

pandemic board game

If you have any game recommendations I would love to hear them!

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