Why I Love the Rocketbook Everlast

Every grad student needs a reliable notebook.  I am constantly drawing new models, creating new experimental designs, or simply writing another To Do list.  I have bought many notebooks in my quest to find “The One.”  I can finally recommend the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Notebook.

This notebook has everything I need and nothing more:

  • It is reusable. The ink comes off easily with a damp rag.
  • Allows you to instantly upload or share anything you write or draw
    • Download the Rocketbook App
    • Preset up to eight unique destinations (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, email)
    • Take a photo of the page and it send the picture (as a JPEG or PDF) to the preset destination of your choice
  • Great size (I have the executive — if you need full pages, they have that option too)
  • 36 pages is enough that I don’t have to constantly be erasing to find empty pages
  • Did I mention it is environmentally friendly and reusable?


RocketBook Everlast Notebook

On Amazon, the notebook comes with one Pilot Frixion pen.  Since this is the only pen you can use with the notebook, I bought an 7-pack of various colors so I could have a pen everywhere (office/backpack/car/home).

They also have a version called the Rocketbook Wave.  To erase the pages in the Wave version you microwave the entire book (with a cup of water).  Even though I have never used it, I can confidently say I prefer the Everlast for two primary reasons:

  1. When you microwave the book, ALL pages get erased.  I often like to erase only one or two pages at a time and keep others.
  2. Rocketbook states that each page in the Wave can be reused up to 5 times, whereas the Everlast has essentially no limit.

[That being said, if you purchase a Wave using this link, you will get three free RocketPads!]

Have you tried the Everlast or the Wave?  What are your thoughts?



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