Five Faves 5/11/18

Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week (5/11/18).

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder.  This is easily one of the five most useful gifts we received as a wedding gift.  The car mount attaches easily to an air vent and a magnet on the back of your phone or case (included) makes for easy docking/undocking.

Psychology readings make it clear that our willpower is limited and it can better to construct an environment that eliminates temptation rather than rely on your ability to repeatedly say no. Turning all phone notifications is the most effective way I reduce my phone usage while driving, but the car mount is a close second. It keeps maps visible, if necessary, and allows me to (more) safely control my podcasts or answer a phone call. [Amazon

Wizgear instructional graphic

The Wolves, a play by Sarah DeLappe.  Plot: “A fly-on-the-wall look at a girls high school soccer team as they go through warm-ups. Below the surface is a thoughtful and eloquent look at young women growing up in our society. Ten local female actors in one fast-paced 90-minute show filled with humor, pain, and how to find your way in this world.”

I cannot speak to how much my husband enjoyed this play, but as a lifelong female soccer player, The Wolves provided me with an almost out-of-body experience.  This play had it all.  The girls argued about boys, discussed homework, struggled to understand injuries (ACL tear, of course), learned about their sexuality, dealt with jealousy, and overcame grief.  I could relate to each character either personally (ACL tear, homework, jealousy) or via past teammates (grief, sexuality).

The Wolves debuted in September 2016, so it’s fairly new.  We attended at the ACT Theater in Seattle, which had an intimate feel and engaging acting.  I highly recommend all female soccer players find the next time this play tours nearby.

Overdrive. I typically like to share a book I’m reading, but since this was rather slow reading week for me, I wanted to instead share an app that any readers or want-to-be-readers should have. With a local library card, through Overdrive you have access to your library’s eBook and audio book collections. You can play audiobooks or read eBooks through the app, or send the books to your Kindle or Nook. I like to place a hold on many books at a time and then I’m notified as they become available. [Link]

Otto Luyken English LaurelPrunus Laurocerasus. For whatever reason, I found myself hyper aware of the blossoming flowers and trees this spring.  One of my favorite fragrances is the flower on the English Laurel, which is great because this bush is everywhere in Seattle.  It can be either a bush, hedge, or tree, and it has SO many flowers.  Big thanks to my sister, a Master Gardener, who found me the name of this plant after I sent her a picture.

otto luyken cherry laurel

Tekla Waterfield. Our department held a poster session followed by a dinner on Thursday night where Tekla was invited to play. She is a self-described Indie Americana Folk Artist and her pleasant music made the evening very enjoyable. She is a personable, local Seattle artist and I wanted to share her name and self-released album, The Curtain Falls. [Website] [Spotify]

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