Five Faves 4-3-20

This was the first week of the spring quarter. As with most universities, everything is remote. I am not teaching this quarter, but PQ is, so he’s been troubleshooting this week. We rearranged our house (again) so his computer could be near the router and plug in via ethernet, which I think will work for week two! My afternoons largely consist of long walks and time in the nursery keeping lil Ker from making an unwanted guest appearance in the background noise of his classes.

Five Faves 4-3-20


Shutterfly 2019 Book Cover

Working on my dissertation and taking care of a baby doesn’t leave much time for hobbies, but one thing I finally completed was my 2019 picture book! I’ve made PQ a photobook for each year since we’ve been together (2015), and I always use Shutterfly.

Karamo, by Karamo Brown

Am I working my way through the Fab Five books (after reading Tan France’s book last week)? I enjoyed this audio book, read by Karamo himself. He had more “life stories” than Tan France. That doesn’t make the book better, just different.

The Biggest Loser

I recently noticed that The Biggest Loser was still airing new seasons, so I binged the latest ten episodes on USA this week. It’s not great television, but I like seeing people change their lives for the better. Biggest change? Bob Harper is not a trainer but now the blond host!

Blond Bob Harper - Five Faves 4-3-20
Blond Bob Harper

Nightmare Sour Beer

Nightmare LingChi | Five faves 4-3-20

I wish I could share more about this sour beer, but I don’t know much. It had apricot in it and I know it was rather strong? I told the clerk at Bottleworks that I liked sour beers and he recommended it…I should have bought more than one! When they open again, I will go back to get some for the summer.

Google Hangouts

A group of us have been meeting up every weekday to workout virtually. One girl brings the workouts, and we all provide accountability to each other! I lost my pregnancy weight pretty quickly, but with it went a lot of muscle. I’ve decided to use the next few weeks of shelter in place to build it back! #coreantine

That’s it for five faves 4-3-20! Let me know what I should look into next week, and check out my past five faves, as well as my most recent post about my Favorite Books of 2019.

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