Five Faves 12/7/18

Five Faves 12-7-18 — Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week.

Happy December! This week I had that panic moment when I realized that I am leaving for holiday break on Friday, so this is my last weekend to get everything in order in Seattle. I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping with PQ and am now going to put on some Alone and wrap, wrap, wrap!

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

It’s the book of the year for a reason, friends. This book is wonderfully written, highly entertaining, and thoroughly inspiring. Michelle is a powerful woman with a powerful story. Three favorites:

  1. Her devotion to her kids and her husband, but also to using her strengths to make the world a better place.
  2. A behind the scenes look at life in the White House and living under global scrutiny for over eight years.
  3. The story of her engagement to Barack.

Five Faves 12-7-18 - Becoming, by Michelle Obama

Barnes & Noble Membership

I bought a Barnes & Noble membership in November and it has become my first place to shop this holiday season! They offer such a wide variety of products; my husband and I spent an hour at the store today purchasing books, Lego, games, puzzles, cards,  and more. Also, members get free shipping, so I have shifted my book buying habits from Amazon to B&N.


Alone is our new favorite show! Ten contestants (supposedly proven survival experts) are stranded in separate locations on northern Vancouver Island (one of the most remote, inhospitable places on earth) with 20 pieces of survival gear and a video camera. That’s right, there is not even a camera crew! The contestants are truly on their own to survive for as long as they can.

Five Faves 12-7-18 - Alone

How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You

This is a comprehensive list of ways to make your iPhone a tool, not a distraction. I removed notifications from my phone last year and found it to be incredibly useful. I’m excited to implement a few more of these tips and reap the benefits! Specifically, I am looking forward to using Evernote more effectively.

8 Hours of Christmas Piano Music on YouTube

I listened to this video for seven hours before realizing it was the same hour of music repeating eight times, not eight hours of unique Christmas music. However, I find it to be one of the more relaxing piano compilations, and I listen to it on repeat every December.

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