21 for 2021 Goals

**FULL DISCLOSURE! I wrote this in 2021 (maybe even the end of 2020) and NEVER posted it! It did guide my year though, so I’m going to post it now to have a digital record of my year.**

I’ve been meaning to post these goals for a while, but almost everything has been on hold thanks to goal #1! That’s right. For the third year in a row, “defend dissertation” is on the list, but now it’s also on the calendar.

21 for 2021 Goals

  1. Dissertation defense. This is on the calendar for the beginning of March.
  2. 2020 Photo book.
  3. Read 50 books. I also want to read MUCH better books than I read in 2020. Seven books in and I’m pretty happy with the choices so far.
  4. Clean garage. We needed space for the kegerator we bought for PQ’s home brew. I cleared out an old work bench, tossed boxes, vacuumed thoroughly…it’s still a garage, but it’s usable now!
  5. Finish cabinet. Related to garage cleaning, I did this as a study break early in January.
  6. Plant garden tower. Spring goals.
  7. Plant raspberry pot. This might be a reach goal, we’ll see.
  8. Recipes to recipe cards. Some online recipes have become regulars, and it’s much easier to have a recipe card to pull out instead of trying to find the recipe on Pinterest for the 20th time.
  9. Put together a Sports Marketing class. If I don’t end up teaching this class in the summer, I may not prep the full class, but at least want to give it real thought.
  10. Make yo-yo Christmas tree. I have had a Christmas craft in mind for a few years, but every time December rolls around it feels too late! I want to work on this craft throughout the year instead.
  11. Potty train Kerri. Eventually…
  12. Average 70,000 steps per week. This started as 10,000 steps a day, but sometimes it’s okay to have a lazy day!
  13. Finish Schitt’s Creek. Everyone needs at least one goal like this. I’m on Season 5.
  14. Cook or Bake 10 new recipes. So far, the best new recipe is from a Zingerman’s Bake! class where I learned to make bagels.
  15. Row 555,555 meters. This is roughly ten minutes/one mile a day.
  16. Buy new bras. Time to get rid of the nursing bras.
  17. Get Kerri Passport. When we get the green light to travel, I can’t have my daughter holding me back! (ha)
  18. Write three blog posts a month. Giving myself grace here until my dissertation is done.
  19. Hang pictures in living room. Technically this goal is done, but I also want to get some small succulents for the living room shelves.
  20. Listen to the full Bible podcast. I start every morning by listening to an episode of “The Bible in a Year” podcast, where Father Mike Schmitz reads some of the bible. It’s lovely!
  21. Step outside every day. I made this goal on Jan. 2, after I didn’t even step outside on January 1 and it was a sad way to start the year. I usually go out for more than one minute, but that’s the bare minimum!

For a few years, I have shared my goals and resolutions here for (2018; 2019). Last year I shared my one-word theme. I like posting my 21 for 2021 goals both for posterity and accountability.

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