Why I thought blogging would be easier than it actually is

I honestly thought blogging weekly would be so much easier than it is.  I’m going on once every other week (if that!).

I wanted to get the juices flowing in the morning via blogging, but writing is still writing, and it’s tough to sit down and hash out 500 words, regardless of whether that’s about personal interests or marketing research!

I think I’m also hindered by the ideals of perfection.  I’ve utilized a website in the past called The Most Dangerous Writing App, in which you have to type consistently for a set amount of time or literally everything you’ve written will disappear.  That might be a good tool to help overcome the perfection mindset and just WRITE (after the time is up, you can of course copy and paste your work into Word to save).

The title “Why I” was designed to allow me to cover any topic I wanted.  After a few weeks, I thought “that’s a little narcissistic, no? Who wants to know “Why Katie” thinks anything?”  But let’s be real, that’s all a blog is anyway, regardless of the title!

I also thought blogging would be easier because I’ve wanted to start one for so long, but dreaming about something for long periods of time doesn’t make the work of creating them any easier.  For example, I’ve wanted a PhD since 2007 and the ease of getting through the program doesn’t appear to be inversely correlated with length of time spent thinking about it 🙂

I guess when it comes down to it, writing is a habit, and this is clearly not one that I’ve developed yet!  But also, I need to be real and acknowledge the fact that I am pursuing a PhD, trying to plan a wedding, keeping my relationships (both near and far) healthy, and staying fit in the process (this week alone I have a 5k, a softball game, and four soccer games).


If nothing else, I hope I’ll be able to look back on these years and know how happy and blessed I was.  And if even part of that can be documented on this blog, that might be fun for my kids to read someday!

“Find three hobbies you love: One to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.”


Engagement Photo by Weili Ge, 2017


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