Why I Love my Hydro Flask

This is not a promoted post…though if Hydro Flask wants to send me a free product I would not say no.

Hydro Flask is the water bottle I didn’t know I needed.  I HATE ice water, and reasoned that I didn’t need a water bottle that could keep water cold for hours.  What I didn’t realize, however, is that it doesn’t just keep liquids cold; it keeps them at whatever temperature they were put into the bottle.

This is a game changer.  As someone who doesn’t like cold water, on hot days it has always been tough finding the right amount of ice to put in the water bottle that will have melted to my desired drinking temperature at the point in time I want to drink it.  Doesn’t work.  It’s also rather durable, as I have dropped it multiple times (scuffs and bruises = character).

The Hydro Flask allows me to fill the bottle up with water at the temperature I want to drink it and never worry about it again.  Thermos technology is not new, as my dad likes to point out, but it’s refreshing to see a successful rebranding of this decades-old concept.

On a separate note, I’ve determined that Hydro Flask is the new Nalgene: the product that everyone has in a different color/shape and you will notice everywhere.  Just like Nalgene came out with the “splash guard” so too did Hydro Flask (ish).  So, unfortunately, this product will not signal that you are unique.

Hydro Flask is a Bend-based company, and I do like supporting anything from one of my favorite vacation towns.  They are expanding now, as is to be expected.  To start, they have a soft cooler backpack and wine tumblers.  Wonder where they’ll go next.

“Never leave the home without a jacket and a water bottle.” – My mom’s #1 rule

2017-09-12 15.10.38.jpg

Hydro Flask, September 2017

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