Step 3 – Home Gym Progress

The centerpiece of the gym, if you will, is an existing piece of equipment, our Cycle Ops!  This home trainer transforms a regular bike into an indoor stationary bike.  We use it ALL the time.  I bought this when I hurt my heel (early 2016) and couldn’t run/lift/play soccer but needed some outlet of energy and it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made.   I think we have the Fluid2 Trainer but cheaper options (or other brands) are definitely available.

2018-03-05 09.08.09

For 2 years it was in the living room — since it can be rather monotonous, it’s nice to be able to throw on a TV show or ride during a sporting event.  However, it isn’t a very welcoming centerpiece to the living room so it has been happily repositioned in the basement.  One reason we held off on moving it was because we didn’t have another TV (did I mention stationary biking can be boring?).  We recently had a friend move and give us a TV (one we had given him in the first place actually!) so we were set for the basement.

2018-03-05 09.08.31

The last piece of the puzzle, and the only recent purchase made for this post, was another FireStick.  We are part of that “no cable” movement (but does it really count if you use your parents’ cable login to watch TV…?) so we watch most TV using apps (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, NBC, Fox Sports Go).

2018-03-05 09.16.30

Home Gym Progress

  • Cost of paint: $6
  • Floor mats: $36
  • FireStick: $40
  • Total against budget: $82
  • Budget Remaining: $918


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