Five Faves 7/27/18

Five Faves 7/27/18 — Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week. 

Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner.

Hands down my favorite purchase of the summer.  Compared to other cities, Seattle heat is nothing, but that also means a lot of houses don’t have air conditioning.  After sleeping with ice packs for two summers, we finally bought an air conditioner.  This portable air conditioner isn’t quite as portable as you might think, since it requires a bit of window set up (for the exhaust hose), but it is easier to move than the in-window types.

Five Faves Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner
Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner


While pursuing the Bend Ale Trail on our joint bachelor/bachelorette party last summer, we heard about Silipints.  We thought it was such a fun concept that we had our brother-in-law design a wedding logo and handed these out as our wedding favors.  These silicone pint glasses are unbreakable, making them perfect for summer softball games, hanging at the beach, or giving to kids.


Customized Silipint with wedding logo
Customized with our wedding logo


Underdog Seattle Softball League.

Underdog is an adult intramural sports program in Seattle (softball, kickball, flag football, etc.).  I was invited to join a softball team in 2015 with a group of people that have been playing together since 2011.  It’s so fun to meet up once a week in the summer, have a beer, and swing the bat.   Aaaaand maybe I’m using this as an excuse to say that we won the Summer League championship this week!

Five Faves Underdog Seattle Softball Champions



Home Depot and True Value.

This might warrant a full post in the future, but I replaced our bathroom sink this week and felt like a champ!  The sink broke last week when a mason jar candle fell into it from the top of the vanity.  Two trips to Home Depot and three to the local True Value (City People of Sandpoint) later, we had it fixed!  We estimated a plumber would cost ~$1,000 + cost of sink…I was able to do this for $60 (sink + adjustable pliers + new drain pipe + plumber’s putty + teflon tape).  More saving, more doing is right!


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