Five Faves 6/8/18

Since my husband’s birthday was yesterday, I present a Phil-themed five items that I have been enjoying or consuming this week (6/8/18).

Flatstick Pub mini golf hole

Flatstick Pub. Phil loves putt putt more than he loves most things.  Flatstick Pub is a bar with a 9-hole putt putt course (hence the name “Flatstick”).  A friend and I invited 15 people to meet at Flatstick, where we attempted to surprise Phil.  [Website]

Poo-pourri in a Pinch Pack

Poo-Pourri. When you hear about a “life-changing bathroom-freshening product” one week before your husband’s birthday, it has to become a gift.  I can’t speak to it’s efficacy yet, but am intrigued by the product (which has an enormous amount of positive reviews). [Receive $5 off your first purchase.] [Amazon]

Chocolate Cake Recipe with Buttercream Frosting.  The old saying is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I think Phil fell in love with me the day I made this cake for him on his birthday in 2015 (only slightly joking).  He had expressed sadness about spending birthday away from his family for the first time and mentioned that his mom always made him a chocolate cake.  Not a cake baker myself, I found this recipe on the internet and gave it a shot.  Modesty aside, this cake was delicious, and it’s become our tradition. I even met Phil in Boston last year for his birthday and flew a cake with me (to be frosted upon arrival).  [Chocolate Cake] [Buttercream Frosting]

Iowa Hawkeyes Hat

Iowa Hawkeyes Hat. Self-explanatory for those of you who know Phil.  He requested a new running hat, and he prefers items that represent Iowa.

Wild Ride Brewing Nut Crusher [Peanut Butter Porter]. This is Phil’s favorite beer, but it can only be bought in Bend, OR (or a handful of distributors in Oregon).  I found an online seller where I purchased 12 bottles for a wedding gift [here] but unfortunately it was unavailable for purchase right now.  If anyone knows another good Peanut Butter beer, let me know! [Wild Ride Brewing]

Part of the crew at Flatstick Pub!

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