Five Faves 5/18/18

Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week (5/18/18).

Pinot Noir Rose. In Portland last weekend I went wine tasting in Willamette Valley with my sister, aunt, and a friend.  If you live near Portland or are visiting the area, Oregon wine country is a great way to spend an afternoon.  We visited two vineyards, Soter and Furioso where we got two tasting flights each.  Oregon soil is perfect for growing Pinot Noir, so I was introduced to something new: a Pinot Noir Rose.  This wine (chilled, of course) may very well be my summer indulgence of 2018.  [Soter] [Furioso]

Pinot Noir Rose - North Valley Soter Vineyards

REI. Okay I haven’t purchased anything from REI this week, but this is a friendly reminder that their Memorial Day Sale starts TODAY (thru May 28).  I have my eye on a couple birthday present ideas.  Members, use their promo code ANNIV18 for 20% off. [REI]

MasterChef Jr. It’s so fun to see 8-12 year old kids making dishes I could never dream, let alone execute.  The kids are pure in their  competitive nature, love their families, and support each other after critiques or losses (i.e., “feel good” television!).  All episodes are on Hulu…I’m waiting for the finale of Season 6 to drop any day now! [Hulu]


3-ingredient banana pancakes. In stark contrast to Master Chef Jr., I am loving these three-ingredient banana pancakes.  Simply mush a banana in a bowl, add two eggs, and mix in a dash of cinnamon.  Butter the pan and cook over medium/low heat and enjoy! []


Indestructible, by Allison Fallon. I read this book cover to cover in two hours last night — I couldn’t put it down.  A well written memoir about the dissolution of a marriage and the redemption of self-love.  I found myself wishing she had dished a little more about what her husband did (she kept referring to episodes)…but that was just a personal desire for gossip that would have drawn attention away from Allison’s whole point: understanding what love truly is and recklessly pursuing it. Two of my takeaway quotes:

“When I say “love,” I’d like for you to imagine that what I’m talking about is a force in the world that is so supportive, so nurturing, so fierce, so committed to your purpose and full presence in the world that it will keep pressing until you wake up. Your only job is to get out of the way and let it flow.”

“Have you ever thought about how many things have to go exactly, perfectly right for you to end up right where you are right now? Have you ever considered that even the things that have gone “wrong” in your life have had to go just perfectly as they went so you could be right here – wherever that is?”

[Book website] [Amazon-Preorder] [Listen to her interview with Branden Harvey on the Sounds Good Podcast]


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