Five Faves 5-1-20

Happy May Day everyone! We’ve traded out Kerri’s fuzzy pajamas for more spring friendly outfits and have started opening our windows more — Seattle in May is near perfect. There is no theme to Five Faves 5-1-20, but I hope you enjoy this update into the Quinn Quarantine.

Did someone say May flowers?


I pride myself on being pretty sustainable and I hate waste, so I immediately signed up for Ridwell when I heard about it. They are a Seattle startup that collects hard-to-recycle items (e.g., batteries, light bulbs, plastic film). My favorite thing is that each week they partner with a local charity to pick up one additional item. For example, last week they collected bras for women in need and perishable food for those affected by COVID-19. If you live in Seattle and are interested, click here for a free month.

Ridwell Five Fave 5-1-20


It’s that time of year again to attempt IronMay. I have the entire month of May to complete the distances of an Ironman. Because the pandemic has closed most pools, this year is a duathlon, only requiring the running and biking. It’ll still be tough, but I finished last year while pregnant so I have no excuses this year (except a needy 6-month old!). Wish me luck.

IronMay 2020
Complete a duathlon in the month of May!

Catching a Mouse

On Wednesday, I saw a big shadow flick across the wall in our basement. Turns out, a little mouse had found his/her way into our basement. I was initially grateful it wasn’t a huge spider but quickly realized, “this is bad,” and enlisted PQ’s help. Not happy with me for leaving the door open earlier that day, PQ quickly set up a “hair trigger trap” with peanut butter to catch the mouse. Long story short (i.e., at least three hours later), the mouse went into the trap but didn’t eat the PB with enough heft to make the trap fall, so PQ threw a roll of toilet paper at it and nailed it first try! It was epic.

Baby Jail

Kerri started rolling over last week! She can’t discern carpet (good for rolling) from hardwood (bad for rolling) so we needed a way to keep her in a “roll-safe environment.” Enter: Baby Jail. It takes up a lot of our living room, but it provides the peace of mind we need right now.

The best picture I have of the baby jail (but look at her starting to get on all fours!)

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Books

The New York Times Greatest Hits of Tuesday Crossword Puzzles: 100 Easy Puzzles

We’ve revived our love for crosswords and I ordered Monday (easiest) and Tuesday (easy) books. PQ and I do a Monday crossword each night to wind down. My friend and I ordered the Tuesday book together so we can text each other when we get stuck (or finish one and want to brag).

Last week’s five faves.

More days at the lake, please!

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