Five Faves 4/26/18

Five things I’ve been consuming or enjoying this week (4/26/18).

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel.  This is a science fiction novel that I listened to on audiobook.  It was an engaging, quick read.  I enjoy the type of story-telling St. John Mandel used, where chapters alternated not only stories about different characters, but also bounced between times (e.g., 20 years ago vs. today).  I don’t love science fiction/post-apocalyptic stories, but this was enjoyable. [Amazon] [Audible]

Picture of book Station Eleven, A Novel

Birth announcement cross stitch pattern, from Etsy.  My friend is having a baby this summer (her first one!) and I wanted to make a gift for the baby’s room.  I love the color tone in this pattern.  And, of course, the animals are adorable. [Etsy]

Picture of Birth Announcement Cross Stitch

Printable Sticker Paper (100 sheets), from Online Labels. I’ve been working on a product idea that I hope to launch soon — found this sticker paper to be exactly what I needed.  And a GREAT price for 100 sheets. [Amazon]

Ice Pack! Unfortunately an old toe injury has flared up recently so I’ve been icing my big toe every day for 20 minutes after working out. [Amazon]

Suncloud Patrol Sunglasses for Women. SO thankful for this one, because it means the sun has been shining and summer is almost here for good!  I bought these sunglasses almost 5 years ago and can’t speak highly enough of them.  They are lightweight but durable and offer great coloring.  [Amazon] [REI link]

I would of course, love your feedback.  What is your favorite?


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